Do Squid Auto Spawn?

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  1. So I made a pond on my smp9 res, dug it all out, added water, splashed around for a bit and logged off for the night.

    Next day I sign in...and there are 14 squid that have taken up residence in my pond. So either they autospawn, someone put them there or there is some kind of strange voodoo magic going on.

    So does anyone know if they autospawn in town? I've just never had this happen and I've had ponds on quite a few of my residences.

    Just wondering, thanks for any responses :)

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  2. Auto spawn
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  3. I sware I readed spam instead of spawn :p
    Anyways, yes they do spawn on residences depeding on activity around and if there is water around...
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  4. Thanks for the replies. I was just surprised that they were there and that there were so many of them.
  5. Eggify them.
  6. Considering they randomly spawn in water my vote is for Voodoo Magic :3. I've had them spawn in waterfalls :confused:
  7. 1 Spawned in my wheat farm water provider!
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  8. Like all passive mobs yes squid do spawn given the sufficient surcumstances; Water and amount of mobs in area.
    For Example I could by small chance have a sheep spawn on my res becuase all the residences around me including my own have little to no mobs on thier res.
  9. Auto Spam? lolwut?
  10. Its all VOODOO MAGIC!!!!
  11. hoodoo voodooo yoodoo flippin magic
  12. They auto spam (;)) but they will also despam themselves if you leave them there long enough.. If you kill them they give 1xp and 1-3 ink sacs which are needed for book and quills in 1.3.. :3