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  1. GUYS heads up... MRSWAG4LIFE is a HACKER!!!! He hacked onto my empire minecraft account and stole 4000r he also bought unnecessary items!!!! DO NOT TRUST HIM!
  2. This is a spam board I would say.. But your actually a really trusted member. Wow. Im really sorry :(
  3. How did he get into your account? I'vegot no sympathy if youve given him your password or something..
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  4. If you don't mine me asking, how does on get hacked?
  5. .... im not trying to... but im pretty serious....
  6. no idea.... hacker site??? he got cjk2000 banned...
  7. No, I absolutely belive you, Idont think you have a reason to lie... So wow
  8. No such thing as a hacker site. I don't quite understand. MC is pretty solid
  9. Hmmm well that sucks a bit.
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  10. ... its really weird... but i know him irl... just dont know y he would hack meh..
  11. My advice is to change your password and call him up :) goodluck
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  12. does he know your e-mail. does he know you ign... thats all he has to know in order to hack an account
  13. and does he know you play on this server... help too
  14. Are you sure he wasn't on your computer? Was he over at your house? Cause I don't see you ever logging in from another computer. I am here to help, just need a little more info :)
  15. what a hacker would do:
    - go to minecraft account
    - forgot password
    - send e-mail
    -hack your e-mail
    - change password to minecraft account
    - log in
    - has tons of fun doing stuff to your account
  16. he finally agrees to give the rupees back!
  17. BUT NO justinguy he didnt come over! :p