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  1. Too Spooky
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  2. I just wanna say, i almost wet myself..
    Even though its light outside, i just... Im really scared dude.. This is totally uncool!
  3. Too dam spooky I regret posting it,

    I hope you all done have nightmares
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  4. What is 18+ about this? I wouldn't have been scared of this even back when I was like 9.
  5. Irony is lost on you :)
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  6. I never am going on youtube again it scared me away
  7. o my gawd, save me!
  8. I thought this was one of those videos where a chucky face randomly appears but it was worse.
  9. Irony is usually applied for amusement, though. This thread, while ironic, is not the least bit funny. So don't be too surprised that I missed it. :p
  10. Give a hint what happened in the video? I'm curious but honestly, I lack the guts when I saw PT almost wet himself
  11. It's so scary, you wouldn't want a hint.
  12. It's so scary!!! :O
  13. If they wanted to make even scarier they would put a tomato in his hand.
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  14. Agreed.
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  15. How.... How could you do this......
    Nice way to attract kids,
    Tell kids not to come.
  16. You need to play it with sound...
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