Do Ghasts actually cause damage?

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  1. So I've been in the Nether for most of today and Ghasts it appears do the root sum of diddly-squat.

    Are they set up to cause no damage or is it a glitch?
  2. No they dont currently do any damage, enjoy your time in the nether while you can, you never know when this may be fixed ;)
  3. That's dissapointing. I spent ages dodging fireballs thinking I was a ninja. Turns out I'd probably have died every time. Doh. :)
  4. ehy shaun its me Filos
  5. The Ghast fireball glitch is caused because Justin disabled TNT. Hopefully it'll be fixed soon.

    Nice farm by the way!
  6. It was just fixed ;)
  7. Shoot, now I have to worry about trips into the Nether!
  8. Yay, the Nether is scary again!! :D

    It's been a real walk in the park there of late.

    Ghasts have been nothing but cute, cuddly, fluffly Nether clouds with tentacles.

    Amazing how important a little thing like ghast fireballs can be to the entire feel of a place.

    Glad to see it back to normal. :)
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  9. Finally some challenge there... Might be worth going out there again...! Defiantly drive up the price of glow stone again making it worth selling very soon, once the supply dries up. :)
  10. Oh challenge? I will set the Nether to a new difficulty called "Empire Hardcore" where Zombie Pigmen are Medusas and if they look at you you turn into a stone block lmao.
  11. This could be done by using the code for enderman reacting to your stare XD Just a starter idea for you Justin :p
  12. How cool would it be that mods and admins have the 'medusa' power to make people turn into stone when they brake the rules and be placed in a field/park :)
    it's like a graveyard, but with statues :p
  13. LOL!!!

    No no, ghast fireballs are fine.

    Actually, I believe the duration of fire has been increased in the update too, which makes the Nether even more deadly... a bit too much I think. The duration of fire seems to have been decreased in 1.0. It did 2 hearts of damage instead of the previous 5 or 6 or something like that. Now it seems to be doing 4 hearts of damage. This is what I noticed anyway.

    Blazes just became extremely deadly as a result I imagine.

    Fire is a little too deadly in my opinion. I liked that it took several immolations before it killed you. Now it's back to death after 2 immolations, maybe 3 (?). That can happen all too easily with ghasts, and even more so with Blazes.

    Oh well, gotta be even more careful now. I can do that. :)

    (I'm hoping it's balanced out better at some point in the future though).
  14. Do you mean to say they are just updating whatever they want? Blasphemy! (lol)
  15. I think the Nether should be as dangerous as possible and encourage people to team up when they go there to provide some mutual support.
    I get no challenge at all in the wild but now that Ghasts are working it will be interesting to see how it goes.

    Good job!
  16. Of course not, they never do such a thing... :rolleyes: LOL Sounds anyone? :p