Do fast horses still spawn in wild??

Discussion in 'General Minecraft Discussion' started by cj12115, Dec 14, 2015.

  1. Hey everyone. I know in 1.6.1 (when horses first came out) that people were finding 130+ horses in the wild. There were even 135+s being found. The fastest Ive found is a 125 and I haven't seen ppl find 130+ any time soon. I was wondering if EMC changed something a while back to stop high speed horses spawning in wild, or if there is a limit on how fast they are. I know that 140+ do not spawn, but do 135-139s still spawn? Thanks :)
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  2. I was out looking for some horses and was able to find a 126 speed horse. He eventually fell in a hole and drowned :(
    But they are out there. Most of the ones I find are under 80 speed though. The higher stats ones are very rare. To get their stats without egging them just get on it and type /horse and it will show it's stats. If it's good enough then egg if not, leave it be or eliminate it :p (This is so more will respawn. Not at all to be evil)