Do Eyes of Ender Not Work Anymore?

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  1. So I went out to the wild [smp3] to find a end portal just to test something out. So I got my gear and eyes of ender. However, when I threw the eyes of ender out and got to my destination, this is what I got:

    So basically... are eyes of ender broken? I have a feeling the updates and stuff into 1.7 or even other plugins caused the Eyes of Ender to break :(
  2. They shouldn't be broken hmm. I used them in last wastelands reset.
  3. It works perfectly fine in wastelands but not in /wild
  4. We are testing it at this moment for further information and if it's a bug on Emc we will put on the bug report and if outside are control I'm sorry D: . Say Thanks to Shaunwhite for testing it :D
  5. Thank you Shaun!
    [And also dwight!]
  6. Mojang/CraftBukkit broke eyes of ender in 1.7 and there is not a good way to fix it.

    So, Eye of Ender is broken for /wild (Frontier), but works properly in /waste (Wastelands).

    So to get to the End, go to /waste and use eye of ender to find a stronghold.
  7. I tested in smp3 frontier just now and successfully found my way to a dungeon.
    It did take 2 attempts though, the first one lead me to an dead end as your experience describes, so I started at a different outpost and found a different one. Keep trying and you will hit one eventually, please be respectful with any other building/destruction nearby the dungeons though as they may be in the middle of someone's outpost. :)
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  8. Yep. Experienced this looking for the smp3 end portal, not sure if you found the same area that I did, was it filled with cobble/gravel? In any case, the portal is nearby with a bunch of fancy decorations thanks to ultimategamer107, making it very easy to travel to. Thanks, if you read this! In any case, the bug is pretty easy to work around, just follow signs of development.
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  9. Aikar made a post about this a month or so back, the Frontier being an old world with new seed and stuff will not allow ender eyes to find the end portals, but the wastelands will allow it being a new world with new seed (the collisions between new and old are not in effect)
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  10. Really? good to know.. i can make a secret base at the ender portals lol

    Well I successfully used ender eyes and triangular geometry to find 7 strongholds in 3 wilds about a month or two ago. So not sure what you mean here.. I'll test it again too.
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  11. If the strongholds are in the new rendered chunks of frontier i believe they wil work, but the portal is in old chunks, so differnt seed, and won't work. We need aikar in here to make a statement :)
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  12. Man >.> You sound smart :p
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