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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by YoungMoney1998, Feb 13, 2012.

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  1. I have a mushroom cow from ur res they keep wondering over plz reply
  2. Send a conversation to them from their profile page. This is not the appropriate way to get someone's attention.
  3. :confused: Thank you for making such an awkward placed post - i got a good laugh.

    Anyways - its a free mushroom cow? thats like 300 rupees for free!
  4. they cost 350r but what ever
  5. I wouldn't keep it i would make it follow you back to his/her Res with wheat.
  6. true because then u might be counted as griefing.
  7. How would it?
  8. well it is like stealing 350r to some people
  9. No if your giving the sheep back xD
  10. If he buys mooshrooms in a spot where they can just wander to other peoples residences, i'd say they're fair game.
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  11. oh i thought u meant that if u where to go on his/her res and use wheat to steal sheep
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  12. that really applies to all animals but ok
  13. Yeah he always has cows wondering around idk what to do with them since hes never on at the same time as me so i guess sure free mushroom cow
  14. You live in America, he's in England. Me and djozane are in the same time zone because we know eachother in real life. We can take those mooshroom cows back this friday, if that's OK with you? We stay up until 11:00PM on fridays :p
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  15. Nope. According to Shaun or Twitch, if it goes off your lot, its public domain. (Your allowed to take it.)
  16. Sorry as u can tell I reacted to the email a little late but I'm in the pyramid next door to him and I'll be on all this week at 5 here in Missouri!!! Ur lucky I hadn't Lille it... Yet(; better hurry! I didn't think anybody that knows him would see this(;!
  17. Keep it i am making a new farm anyway so just keep it
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.