District ???

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  1. So, I know the fame of people making Districts has kind of died out a little, but I would REALLY like to know if there are any districts with a available residence... What I need there will bring in quite a bit of people to said District, so if there is one open, I would really like to know
  2. Well my District 67 does still exist. I believe there were 1 or 2 other projects after me, havent heard a lot about them. If you look for information click on my signature. There should be res available to claim. You will need a senior mod to reset one of the inactive players res around.
  3. Well I guess you can call it " The Mob Arena District" on 5. Prolly not as organized as Hasorko District but we enjoy are company there
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  4. Well I have been kinda trying to find one on another server than Smp3 because 3 is REALLY empty comapared to other servers.... :(
    How busy is it?
  5. semi- just catch us on lol