District 67 - Vol. 2

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  1. District 67 - SMP 3

    District 67 is a neighborhood project of mine. It has been around for five month now, but due to me being inactive it stopped to grow pretty much. Now I'm back and I want to bring it back to where it was when I left and also make it even bigger. This time it will change a little bit, so it is not REALLY necessary to have me online to run the district.

    What do you need to be able to join this project:
    - a free residence or somebody to supply you one. The people in the district will most likely have no free res for you
    - a project idea, which fits the purpose
    - material to finish the project
    (There is no need to rush to finish, you can take all the time you need also you dont have to start right away)
    - besides that it doesnt take a lot. You just grab a res close by (check the map, you can ask senior mods to reset any res of a none supporter who was offline for more then 10 days) and start building. If your res is kinda decent (you have used more then 1 or 2 kinds of material, you put some effort in it and its a nice thing you will be part of the district)

    Extra Information:
    - You can work in teams with your friends
    - Again there is no time limit you dont have to start right away and you also dont have to rush once you start
    - Please make sure you can finish the project at any point in future
    - I might have a reserved res for you which you can claim
    - You might meet very skilled people while building on your project and have the possibility to discover their res as well
    - This is in the first place an ART PROJECT, this means our neighborhood enjoys to discover aesthetic constructions :)
    - I gather as many res as I can so if you dont get a res now you might get one later

    How to join:

    Just message me, once you have an idea and a free res to talk it over :).

    District News

    - the district is reopened :)

    District 67 Map



    Achievements are little perks of the district. They will usually add some nice things to the district, what makes it different then any other neighborhood. I might change the achievments if I feel that the progress doesnt fit what I expected. Also reward may change (but this shouldnt happen to often). There maybe achievments which get unlocked, when others are finished. The list can grow at any given time.

    Pilgrims (in Progress 8/25)

    Found a village and get 25 pilgrims to settle in it.
    Reward: Public Farmsystem for all dwellers

    A new frontier (in Progress 13/35)

    Let the village grow until 45 residences are part of it.
    Reward: An advanced shop system for all merchants.

    Settled! (in Progress ??/25)

    The village is settled once 25 projects reach the status "finished".
    Reward: A wild camp with ep farm and mining oportunities. [Supporter only]

    Noble Reasons (in Progress ??/100)

    Reach a Noble Score of 100 P. Help the empire!
    Reward: No Spoiler here XD

    For each:
    Staff (Mod, Senior Mod, Admin) -> 4 P
    Diamond Supporter -> 3 P
    Gold/Silver Supporter -> 2 P
    Normal Member -> 1 P


    District 67 Headquarter

    If you were a member of the district before and you are not in that list AND you want to participate again then just write me ;)

    Member List:

    - ShaunWhite1982
    - D1223m
    - Maxarias
    - Hasorko
    - Eclipsys
    - Zabriel
    - Cypher_Rahl
    - FooHundred
  2. Sorry if I missed it, but I can't tell from your post which server this is on...
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  3. Got that fixed thanks ^^
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  4. Just visited, the standard of your building truly blew my mind. Absolutely amazing job. All of the builds were the best i've ever seen. Nice job.
  5. The Keep shall be improved! Gogo 1.4!
  6. My good sir Hasorko, you missed my Skull!!! Thats also a part of Distr 67!!!
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  7. I shall start working on my secret project tomorrow!
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  8. :O A seekret? What is it?
  9. Shall be done!
  10. Something you shouldn't know xD
  11. Another day of mining in Cyphers awesome Sandvillage got us some more gold and diamonds to sell to buy more gold ^^ HQ will be done in no time like this! :p
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  12. *Putting this post back where it belongs ALL the way to the top* ^^

    If you guys have awesome ideas for projects, dont put them just anywhere, put them into the district! :D
  13. :D You have how many residences available? Several if I remember right.
  14. All MINE ! XD All 12 of em!
  15. LOL I thought it was 12
  16. Thought that this forum was bump worthy as I think that it still can shine as it once did and shine now even brighter.
  17. hey if you guys provide the resources I can take a res and turn it into a giant farm for you guys. it would need a TON of dirt, about 2 stacks of redstone stack of repeaters 2 stacks pistons and a half sticky pistons and about 20 stacks of cobble. I can provide most of the cobble and some redstone but the rest I'll need help with. there is also an optional addition of nether wart and this will add about 6 stacks soul sand.
  18. Oh I dont think this will be nessecary, but thanks a lot for the offer :)
  19. I think I'll check this out later.
  20. Bump, for what I thought was one of EMC's best ideas once it came out. I loved the whole Japanese puzzle thing. xD Sorry I can't remember the name of it.