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  1. Hello all,

    Well basically i made this thread for a type of trouble shooting resolving thing... so my internet crashes allllllllllllllllllllllllll the time it is probably the only thing that pisses me off beyond belief it is so frustrating.. but anyway im asking USA residents to post below and tell me what internet provider you have and also the type of modem you have and if you have any problems out of it.

    Thank you :)

    EDIT: I have ATT 6.0 Extreme service with a 2wire gateway
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  2. Hey! us lot outside of the US have internet too!
  3. Yes, but im not sure if you guys would have the same internetz companyz az uzz :rolleyes:
  4. Many people out of usa have internet too
  5. I never said they didnt.. im just curious about us residents because thats where i live..
  6. Comcast is the way to go. not sure what modem i have
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  7. I'm not from the US but i thought i would post anyway :p I am with sky and i don't know much about my modem but its netgear and its old :p My internet is also crappy and it may help if you ask people for their speeds. Mines like 6-8 Mbps Download and like less than 1 upload lol
  8. I moved this to miscellaneous since it doesn't have anything to do with the marketplace.
  9. Thanks :)
  10. Comcast has some of the best speeds, I will agree with you on that. But as far as every other facet of their organization, they are HORRENDOUS. Here is 1 example, out of many:

    Let's say you need another box and a name added to an account. To add a name they require a drivers license. However, every phone call requires the last 4 digits of a SSN. So, that alone makes a support call a major issue. Their automated system requires the phone number associated with the account. Note that I mention THE phone number associated, not A phone number associated.

    So... if you manage to get to a tech, you've just wasted about 20 minutes. Then we've got the first line of their defenses. A nit-wit who exists only to make sure the phone call is forwarded properly. Generally, they have only very basic knowledge. "Did you plug it in?" and "I will flash the box" are probably the only responses you are going to get here.

    Then you get forwarded to yet another person to make a field appointment. At this point, our total phone time is roughly 45 minutes. After another 15 minutes, you've got an appointment set up.

    So now, after an hour on the phone...you think you'd be good to go. But, alas, they call to confirm your appointment the night before. Of course, they call the wrong number. Whether or not you specify a different number than listed on the account, they are going to call the number listed. So, your appointment gets automatically canceled. You call them during the scheduled time, then have to go through the above steps yet again. Now you've wasted roughly 2 hours on the phone, 2 hours waiting for a tech that never showed, and you've got nothing to show for it.

    So, when you finally DO get a tech to your house.... He sits down, runs a few signal strength tests, then calls their inter-company support line and finds out that....get this.... it was a flag on your account that the original nit-wit never changed. He/she has that changed and your working.

    This happened to me recently. During the entire time, I insisted that there was a flag on the account, but no one listened.

    If you'd like more comcast stories, I've got plenty to go around. From lazy techs to lying accountants, I could go for days.
  11. See thats very true. But i enjoy how fast they are!
  12. Insight/ time warner (buy out). 10 meg option. Arris. No problems untill lately. Power down power up resolves most issues.
  13. I use Brighthouse lightning, and use whatever modem they gave me. No problem at all
  14. Keep talkin
  15. I don't know if they've changed, but I once had Comcast and they provided the absolute worst cable modem in existence. I frequently had to unplug the modem for a couple minutes and plug it back in because it would stop working. So I bought my own cable modem and returned theirs and my problems went away.
  16. get airport extreme by Apple but i have cox it's really fast my computer runs super fast! One problem Sometimes the bandwith wills low down if you run like 3 skypes a netflix and a minecraft but otherwise it's fine!
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  17. I mean mine is good i think it may just be the modem like when i close my browser it will like crash my internet as soon as i try to open mc ..then after like 10 seconds its back on... it use to not do that :S
  18. Verizon Fios. It's a tank. Insane download speeds, no lag, nice upload speed.. Sadly, just a tad bit expensive. I heard Google came out with their own internets, and the rumors that I've heard state it's better then even Verizon Fios.
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  19. Airport extreme is pretty cheap and worth it it's fast and amazing and small and it's slick of course since it's made by apple (I like apple but go android)
  20. I have CenturyLink internet. Pretty decent speeds and prices. Right now I am getting 10Mbps for 20 bucks, only because I know someone who works there and they hooked me up.. It is usually around $50 for the 10Mbps though down here.