[DISSICUSION] Emc and Minesatus.

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by pat2011, Jun 3, 2012.

  1. Ok so lately I have been voting for emc on minestatus on a regular basis and I was just looking at its ranking #58 I mean really we have such a big a community, If all the members just went and voted we would be a lot higher and I don'y understand why people dont vote you get 50 rupees and it also brings more poeple to the server.

    So if everyone could just go vote for the server under the "Rupees" tab.
  2. I agree! EMC deserves the votes! :)
    *Sneaks off and adds to I <3 EMC Competition*
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  3. How about for 20 minutes after you vote, your ingame name is brown? It would be nice because it would bring attention to your chat.
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  4. i think yellow or bright green would be better but i love the idea. but make it stay that way for the rest of the day. as you voted and cant do so again until 24 is over
  5. We wouldnt want the colors to get confused with mods and supporters. Dont want to make it a whole day because then people wouldnt vote, because they would stick out. I would make it at most an hour. Just an idea:)
  6. then yellow. brown iis a dull color ( not being rasist ) its just not a colorful as it could be
  7. I made a post on this too :D its link is in my signature :D
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  8. Or red?
  9. a bright red. you dont want your name to fade in