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  1. disk 11 bid starts at 300r the persoon wit the highet bid after 24hrs wins
  2. how did you get that? I thought it was only available in creative mode?
  3. accidentlly bought to manhy in empire shop
  4. Theres no point in this unless its going for less than 500 :s
  5. i thought there might have been a way to get it i didn't know about (turns out there is, i didn't know you could get it from the empire store :))
  6. Yah, people always ask me in my shop for 11, and I've been telling them it's not possible in SMP -- I didn't even think about the empire shop! Is that where folks are getting the chain mail armor too? *makes note to self -- go buy 11 and pawn it off on some noob for way too much ;) *
  7. so umm do i get the disc?
  8. umm ur not allowed to auction stuff only Enchanted items
    P.S. c0lt0 biding starts at 300r
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.