Dishonored Experiences

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  1. Who plays Dishonored?

    If you do, I love you for life. Moving on:

    This is a thread for people to share their favorite things about Dishonored. It could be anything from a certain scene in the game to a trick you did in-game. Anything.

    I liked trying to fight Daud directly. So pro...
  2. I started it, but didn't finish it. I think it is an overrated game. Maybe I should make myself try to play it again.
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  3. Dishonored is a really good game however I didn't like the DLC being 2 separate DLCs. It should of just been 1 DLC called "The Knife of Dunwall."
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  4. I agree, two different DLC's were pointless. If it was one I would have preferred the second title though.