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  1. I dont know if this is the right place for this topic, so sorry if it's not.

    Let me begin. In my semi-short time playing Minecraft Empire craft, ive enjoyed myself. Im sure many of you have as well. But while playing on this server, something caught my eye.
    I stumbled into the wilderness, and much to my demise,
    as soon as I left the spawn, the field caught my eye.
    Every Npc village was raided, the ocean clear of sand,
    Even the poor mushroom island, lacked to have mushrooms.
    So this Is what I have to say.
    Its nothing more than an suggestion. Reseting the entire wilderness would do more good than harm. You could put an announment, and let every player take there chests away, and reset it. The ground would be full of diamonds, and the ocean full of clay.
    V V V Put your responses below. Remember.. the ground is full of holes, dug down to bed rock, wasted space and much more.

    Please dont scream at me if this has been suggested before.
  2. it has been , but this idea is being considered, im not sure if we ARE doing it though
  3. JustinGuy said on another forum that he found a way to reset only a certain area. No need to reset the entire wilderness, plus there's more resources elsewhere. Just look around!
  4. Minecraft is constantly generating new terrain. Just go further out, you'll find what you need.
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  5. Having to go further out makes ppl work harder for what they want, making them appreciate it more. We could go creative mode and have everything handed to u....but whats the fun in that???

    Some of us have made nice secret outposts that go thru the nether to untainted lands. Spent a lot of time making these, eould be a shame to lose it all...
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  6. Yeah. I think many people don't care so much about the natural landscape, it's a little sad, but I guess this is the price for playing multiplayer with strangers. The trouble with resetting is people sometimes build nice things out there too. Maybe you could just move the spawn location, or add more/move outposts as areas turn into wasteland.
  7. The area right outside the spawn gets destroyed in a matter of hours after a reset. We do reset the areas right around the spawn (about 100 blocks from the spawn border). Resetting the entire wilderness every day wouldn't really work. Here are my usual suggestions:

    • The world goes on forever, you just need to get a little further out
    • Many players forget about the outpost system, every server has an outpost "hub" outside the Wild spawn (follow the yellow dashed carpet).
    • If you are a little more brave, make a tunnel in the nether and then make a nether portal, this will potentially give you a huge untouched area. Traveling in the nether is faster, for every 1 block you walk you are covering 8 in the wild (8x faster). You could extend on this by going to and outpost first, then to the nether, and the travel some time and back to the surface.
    • Use the Live Map to plot a course of where to explore.
    • If you want to cross the destroyed right outside the main spawn help the community out and make a bridge :)

    Hope these help.
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  8. And then the bridge gets griefed... i keep building it back stupidly...

    Actually I always carry a stack of dirt and sometimes some bonemeal to "fix" the wilderness I frequent. It makes me happy to see it nice again. It doesnt take very long either. Also I tend to rip down pointless towers... that could be considered griefing... but I dont see it that way.
  9. Me and my friends have set up a few houses in the wild and have always found caves full of iron and gold. sadly no diamond yet, gotta keep trying though.To find good resources you often have to travel for a long time. The south outpost often has lots of good caves and places to find resources.