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  1. WARNING: This thread will most likely contain spoilers for The Walking Dead. If you are not up to date, I suggest you do not read on.

    So I felt there should be a thread to discuss The Walking Dead. As you know, Season 4 has just finished. I made a thread back when Season 3 ended but I didn't want to bump it, so I decided to make a new thread. Hopefully, we can keep this one alive. I will update the thread with TWD news.

    Personally, I thought the S4 was alright, but nothing really special. I am glad that the group are finally reunited (well most of the group anyway, except Tyreese and Carol) but the S4 finale didn't really have any major surprises in there. The only thing I was shocked at was when Rick bit the guy from the group that was going to kill them. One thing I was confused about is that I am sure that Beth was shown in the promo for the finale, but from as far as I noticed she wasn't in the finale (except in the flashback)

    What were you surprised (or WTF) moments of Season 4?

    The biggest WTF moment was definitely when Lizzie killed her sister, Mika. I really didn't see it coming. I knew she was messed up, but I wasn't expecting her to kill her own sister.

    How I rate the finales are so far:
    1) Season 3 finale -- When the governor attacks the prison but then kills his own people.
    2) Season 2 finale -- When Hershel's Farm begins to burn, the group leave.
    3) Season 1 finale -- When the CDC blows up TIED WITH Season 4 finale.

    If you're interested in more TWD stuff, I suggest checking out Trevschan2 if you haven't already, he does good analysis and predictions.

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  2. When Rick bit that dude. Lol it was nastay!
  3. I started wathinh The Walking Dead about 4 or 5 weeks ago. I watched 3 seasons and 11 episodes in 4 days tops :) It was great fun, I had never watched it before and I was instantly hooked. I looked out for the new episodes but they had not come out, and the site I watched it on was down until a few days ago, so today I watched the last 5 episodes from season 4, and I was pretty happy with them. A fair amount of tension!

    The three parts that got me most in season 4:
    • When Lizzie was stood in front of Mika's body, her hands covered with blood
    • When Carol shot Lizzie in the back of the head
    • When Rick bitten that guy in the neck and killed him in the last episode. Nasty :p