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  1. Hi all,

    Justin mentioned in this thread that he would start a conversation on the topic of multiple res tp's.

    I have decided to take the liberty of doing that for him just to help him out a little.

    I will start off with an idea that I have been passing around a while back:

    Note: This thread will serve as a means to discuss and ultimately figure out the best way we can have multiple res tp's on the Empire. My idea is just a start, if you like it, then by all means try and make it better, post a comment bellow :) If you don't like it, then comment bellow too with possible tweaks :)

    I know this community is great where discussions are concerned, its how the Empire is so great! As a team I believe we can ultimately work this one out :D Whataya say guys? Lets do this!


    For senior mods and admins, could this get a sticky please?
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  2. Personally, i like the idea of multiple spawns, but only to a certain extent. I think the ability should be limited to 2 spawns on your res, one for your home (/res home tpset) and one for visitors (/res guest tpset).
    Any more then this i feel is a little lazy. :)
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  3. This isn't much of a discussion-inspiring comment, but...I really like that idea. Maybe individual flags for individual warps would clutter up the system, I don't know. If it's possible, I really like your suggestion.
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  4. I agree.

    Too many TPs and the server will go down
  5. Thanks for the input guys, this really is what makes the Empire so great :)
  6. I'd be happy with just 2 TPs, one for me and one for everyone else. Then I could type /home and be plonked into my work area/personal space and when people typed /v apamment they would be plonked infront of my shop or where ever it is that is appropriate for the public.
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  7. I am open to all criticism as long as it is constructive :)
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  8. The only problem I see with your idea (and it's not really a problem, more a personal preference) is the need for more chat commands. I like how you can put signs on nether portals to take you to other peoples residences, maybe that could be tweaked to allow portals in your own residence.

    One thing I saw in the tutorial area of another MC server was they had signs that you could use as elevators. That could be useful, and travelling vertically is the only way I can understand you might need a whole list of teleports on a 60x60 res (or even 120x120) it's just not that huge.
  9. From my experiences running my own server at one stage, the elevator plugin was one of the many developed by another person, Justin likes to keep everything custom on the Empire and does all the programming himself. So if your idea came to fruition he would easily be able to include code for it working in all planar directions :)
  10. I dont think another command is require just extend /res tpset:
    /res tpset  <- set the default spawn as usual
    /res tpset owner <- set your spawn point
    /res tpset owner clear <- clear your spawn point ( so you spawn at the default )
  11. Iz vat Shaun said :p
  12. Sorry Iv only been awake a few minutes :oops:
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  13. The quickest and simplest fix we need for Teleports is definitely:

    /res tpset main
    /res tpset visitor

    That way you have one TP point for you, which you move as you need to, and one for your visitors, which you set at whatever point you want the guests to enter your Res.

    That means no more cases of people spawning next to you in the middle of a project because you moved your spawn.

    If we get that in and running, then we could start looking at other options.
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