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  1. Hey emc,

    Got into magic last week, and assuming most of you guys are geeks (face it, u wound up here), I was wondering what kind of decks you have, what cards you want, how much you hate return to ravnica (terrible cycle), and just MTG buzz :D

    I'll start:
    I play a customized m13 core black/white exalted deck and a custom red/white fast burn aggro deck. A game went from 20/20 to 6/24 in 7 turns in my favor for the aggro deck.

    I also have 2 planeswalkers, tibalt the fiend-blooded and Chandra firebrand.

    Discuss discuss discuss!
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  2. I have one all blue deck, one all white and I forget what the other I was working on was. Mine are a mix though :/ I haven't bought any cards/decks lately.
  3. If I were you I'd at least do 2 color decks, because if they have islandwalk or plainswalk your deck is toast. Try making a b/w control, that's what I'd do at least.
  4. Do black and red, that's how i did it but i havent been doing it lately
  5. Yeah I was learning how, didn't have enough at the time but we have too many now so will have to redo decks xD
  6. sounds good :)

    if anyone is gonna post deck builds, put em in spoilers, ok?
  7. I have just been getting into the pc game. I haven't gotten any physical cards yet.
  8. I'm old and being old I will share that I started playing Magic back when the Beta cards came out... Beta, Unlimited, 4th Edition, etc. This was back in the first years of high school for me.

    I had completely forgotten about the game and then like 8 years ago or so I found my old cards and decided to put them up on Ebay for one cent each and to my surprise I was getting like 40 and 50 bucks for some of these cards, I didn't think anyone played this game.

    Now I see the cards up in Target and Walmart so evidently people still play it. Christina and I bought one of those 2013 core sets just to see what it was like but we haven't played with it yet lol
  9. I brought Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards like 3 years ago, does that count?
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  10. no lol :p
  11. I remember when Yu-Gi-Oh first became popular 11-12 years ago. A few weeks ago, there was a sign up at my local comic book store that said that there was going to be a Yu-Gi-Oh card tournament. I didn't think anyone still played that.
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  12. Me either, they tried bringing it onto computers but it failed xD It was good but then it was the same and nothing new came from it.
  13. yah, wizards of the coast release a new set every 4 months or something. the next one is gatecrash, which comes out feb 1.
  14. i thought this was an overall topic of magic :p see ya losers xD
  15. wheres the un-like button??
  16. just kidding. i have never been an overall magic person but i was recommended a book, that involves a little bit of magic. :p
  17. you do know we are talking about this magic, right?