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  1. ...That EMC servers are family friendly servers?

    Hi guys,

    I write this little thread to say that i don't understand why people keeps thinking they can talk whoever they want in town chat.
    Thing is that today i was happy at my residence building and having minecraft fun, well, some guys decided to start a round of "MOMMA" jokes, which i find offensive not only for me, but also for the kids, fathers and mom's out at EMC.
    Well, i asked this guys to stop it (must admit it was only once) but other people was not happy at all with this, and asked to stop it also.

    It was like 2-3 (counting me) players asking this group of people to stop it, but they answered stuff like:
    "you never asked you to stop"
    "this are not directed to no-one, they are not offensive"

    Well, justice has been done. A moderator banned the player (not only for the offensive jokes, but also for other bad behaviours in the past)

    I write this for you to think about how are you talking and how you should be talking at EMC servers.

    EMC servers are family friendly servers, and i believe people should get harder punishments for using bad words, insulting others or doing stuff like above's.
    What you guys think?
  2. "Family Friendly" is a fairly broad term, it can mean different things to different people.

    I don't really like "momma" jokes either, though mainly because they're just not funny. I don't think they're particularly offensive, just crass. Though, perhaps the ones you heard were more offensive than the ones I've heard.

    Maybe a better solution where it involves things that some find offensive and others don't would be for people to make a little club house somewhere and talk about it in local.
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  3. I totally agree but stuff like bad words, sex, drugs, porn or anything that's considered bad for kids it's not family friendly...
    Also, stuff like a little club house would be acceptable, they would be talking to each other and only people who wants to hear about would hear it.
    Player warnings should totally be followed by other players, if they are doing wrong.
    Well, we tried to ask them to stop, but only when a mod camed by justice was done.
  4. Drugs I can see as bad, but sex and porn?
  5. yeah, sadly thats the world we live in, sex is bad, but hacking people to bits is perfectly fine.
  6. Gotta love society.
  7. I dont know what the difference is. talking about this kind stuff on a thread and on the chat box. This stuff should not be in posts. Any little knid could be reading this.

    Alouth i do strongly agree on the no talking about this stuff of the chat box.
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  8. Because here we are discussing the discussion of said topics being discussed in the chat.
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  9. i dont think anyone planned on repeating the momma jokes if thats what you were worried about
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  10. Haha. No i ment about the other stuff.
  11. i'm fairly certain no one would post any porn, you can be sure the mods would be on that quick..
  12. Imean talking about it
  13. so don't talk about not talking about porn?
    or is it just the word porn that you don't like?
  14. See my take on the whole issue is religion. In the texts of various religions violence has been condoned, while sex on the other hand is a rather touchy subject. Gods have asked for people to be killed, but only have sex when the male owns the woman.
  15. Thank you for not naming any names. This was a nearly perfect post.
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  16. oh. wow. i guess that highlights what i said about different ideas on family friendly.
  17. while i totally agree with you, politics and religion internet discussions never end well
  18. /me grabs the popcorn
  19. I wasn't going to post it at first but KylieVonEngel instigated it while we were making dinner.
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  20. I have no idea what you are talking about...
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