[Discussion] - Empire Minecast, first page?

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Do you like those videos at front page?

Yes 6 vote(s) 54.5%
No 0 vote(s) 0.0%
Not at front page, but they should be somewhere near 5 vote(s) 45.5%
Not at front page, or anywhere. 0 vote(s) 0.0%
  1. Just to start with something nice: This dudes make a great job, it's nice to have creative people around and their videos are totally LOL to me :)
    Well, i make this discussion because lately the Empire Minecast videos have been on the EMC frontpage. I totally agree with that because it's Empire related and has a great time into it. But...
    Well, i've also saw that the comunity interest it's not mainly those casts, based on the number of views i believe we could use the front page for other important stuff (i'm shure there is lots to be there).

    Their video threads have no more than ~750 views, which mean that are not active, and that's something we must accept, but i believe they are nice enough to be shared with the comunity.
    i'm shure they will make tons of casts maybe 1 per week and if we keep getting those videos at first page, then that's the only thing we will see (now for example, there are 3 of this shared in less than 2 weeks.)

    Well, my idea it's simple. If Staff love this videos that much, why not making a youtube button that redirects to the cast? Maybe a little box at the right side that has the description of the latest video, a link and a little img?
    IF it's a cast, then there will be videos on an scheduled time, people will just click the youtube button and subscribe to them if they like it, if no there is no need to use all that space for this videos and use them for other comunity/staff important information/creations.

    Please, don't rage with me, i do like this videos but i believe that they diserve a better place to be shown at the website.
  2. Great Idea for the button unless there is a new button added where the Home Servers Forum are called "cast feed" or something and you can create you own podcast because I think it would be great to have it so others could have a go too :)
  3. I hear you, and it is something that needs to be balanced. Yukon1200 ans JabrZer0 have done a great job setting up the Empire Minecast and I feel that as big as our community is we deserve an awesome YouTube presence. The problem with the front page currently is that it groups everything together. I am already playing with some new home page designs that separate important content a little better, so official news is more prominent but we still have a place for awesome community stuff (such as Empire Minecast and Empire Spotlight).

    As far as why they are featured, it isn't because the staff loves them. We do like the videos but they are featured because we feel it adds to the community and is something everyone can enjoy. The videos are already getting close to 2k views, and for just starting I would say that is really good. You have to remember the thread views is only if someone clicks to open the thread, but most people just watch the video on the home page :)

    Basically what I am saying is that I feel their is value in featuring them, but I also feel the home page could be organized better. I also only only have important news from time to time and you don't want the same news item on the top of the home page for an entire month :)
  4. Of course anyone can make videos :) We are all just a big community, we didn't approach Yukon1200 and JabrZer0, they just started doing it on their own. Once we saw some of their content we felt that they had something that would represent the community well, and we always felt like we were lacking a strong YouTube/video presence. This is when we decided to make them official. This is the same thing that happened with TonicThunder and the EMC Spotlight. Another example is http://emcshops.org/. Raenis put that together without any support from EMC, he just went out and did it because he wanted to better the community. Once we saw the final product and thought it provided value we gave it official recognition and promotion (and will continue to do so).
  5. I know but people may feel bad if they gained more popularity... :/

    I have a ton of videos I want to show but I don't think they are EMC family friendly but they are so funny xD
  6. That's another point Justin, the home page starts to be unorganized, i'm shure there are lots of concepts that could get a better position and other that might not be on the right place.
    It just concerns me that if they do 1 vid per day then we will see like 10 vids each time we check the website xD
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  7. Yeah I understand what you are saying :)
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  8. yeah tyou could try a 3 column lay out like
    you have 1 main box at the top and 2 below it like

    ========|========= <---- Like that tell em what you think
  9. Yes that is what I was playing with, how to make it neat, I don't want it to appear too cluttered!
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  10. Mate we always refresh the website by pressing he logo. And when we some videos on home we watch. I mean when people dont have anything to do they watch the videos and Since the homescreen isnt active that much the videos make it better. So in my opinion it should stay there. thanks ...
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  11. It's a good idea, but I think it should stay there. It's not like someone just DOESN'T want to watch and then they get angry cause they have to ignore it and it takes up a lot of space. Plus, there's a thing called scrolling. :p
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