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  1. I wanted to make a quick thread here to start a little discussion around the economy on EMC.
    Using the emcshops.org i searched for oak planks/logs and i found only 18 results, from which i got no oak planks or logs. At all!
    I'm confused with this, wood it's the most important item on minecraft and people don't sell it at EMC?
    I think that this is because currently people have tons of money (at least enough not to care about money enough) and they don't want to win more money with 'hard work'

    Not even d1223m's shop had wood, at all.

    What you think about economy at EMC? it's the same than 2 months before? people does fill shops with stuff? people does need rupees?
  2. 8873 has oak planks and logs hint hint;).
  3. i think the issue is not many people use that site, and those who do list their shop get sold out quicker
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  4. Isn't wood like the first thing you get in Minecraft when you first start, besides a dirt block or flower.
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  5. I resale logs at double the price and have a hard time keeping it in stock. There's a shortage.
  6. That's funny.:p I haven't needed wood in probably, 4 months. and i grow my own trees and i haven't cut one down since February!

    Check out my shop at 308.
  7. That's true. I can barely keep up with demand. Oh well, at least I have about 1.7K rupees... :D
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  8. I don't think there's been any change to the economy. There are dozens of shops stocking wood. "Who sells wood?" brings a deluge of replies.

    You need to remember that a tiny percentage of players use the Forum, so an even smaller percentage of them will use that website which is a shame as it's damn good.
  9. I think the reason for players not to sell items is because they need it themself. As wood, you said is one of the most important items in Minecraft, means everyone needs it. I use alot of wood myself, and don't want to sell it because I need it myself :). I know some players sell it though :).
  10. Down with the economy. My plan is working.
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  11. Well, thanks for the answers. I agree it's true that there are more people who has a shop than those that register it at the emcshops.org
    I will go ahead and visit all the shops on smp1 now.
  12. I think its a good idea (i dont know if its even possible) that emcshops and justinguy work together, so the list at emcshops.org gets automatically updates when someone changes something in their shop.
  13. When my 60x60 tree farm is done, I will have plenty of wood
  14. Well the economy in my eyes has gone WAY down! Glowstone before the update 25r. After I am selling it 18r! And no one buys it!
  15. I just visited plenty of residences on many EMC servers (i'm judging the ones that applied) and so far only 1 out of maybe 50 shops sold oak logs.
    There was another one but check this price: 2012-04-14_08.19.28.png
  16. I am going to hope he accidently switched up the how many you buy and price
  17. The economy since the reset is HORRIBLE!
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  18. Hmmm yea at the momment I'm not selling oak logs cause redoing my farm, but in week or so should have steady flow of oak, my shop is at 10181, smp5 , oak trees aren't grown mainly because it grows branches and takes more time compare to other 3 trees