[Discussion] 1.3, 1 Good And 1 Bad, And A Unknown One!

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  1. 1 Bad:


    Instead of melting in the nether, it now disappears

    So make a blaze grinder! now before it goes!

    1 Good:


    Crafting now gives 3 signs instead of 1

    1 Unknown:


    Leaks into the Overworld now: Depending on difficulty, zombie pigmen rarely spawn in them

    For more info Click Here

    Please comment about your good and bad points and offer some unknown points lets make a discussion about this!
  2. a few other GOOD things!

    Fixed repeaters getting stuck when loading their chunk
    Can now be placed on the ground decoratively
    Instead of dispensing buckets, dispensers will now suck in or place water or lava in front of them
    Wooden pressure plates Are triggered by arrows now
    Signs Stack up to 16 now
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  3. and something that made me lol.

    • Now take 0.2 seconds to expand
    0.2 seconds in a tick based game :D must be singleplayer if anything :D
  4. thats quick
  5. Nobody knows for certain what will be in 1.3, until it's released. Things can - and will - change, before release. Just sayin'.

    I'll be happy if buckets stack (which they do in the recent snapshots). And PT, have you seen that you can place red on upside-down steps? That'll be nice.

    However, the more significant changes are emeralds/villager-trading, and ender-chests - both those aspects will make a huge difference to EMC (if they're implemented).
  6. I think empty buckets will stack too, up to 16. Or I could be mistaken and remembering a future update as I read ahead on those update lists.

    Edit: ha beat me :p
  7. i like the signs now make x3
  8. You have .2 seconds to expand Tick Tock. Who gets this reference?
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  9. The new hardcore Mode for multiplayer could be used for the PVP project- Once you die, you are banned from the server. When it is time for a new round; the blacklist could possibly just be reset. This is my idea.
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  10. that would be awesome then the winner gets like a diamond block?
  11. That's been used for a lot of servers, like hunger games and some other pvp servers I dont remember xD