"Disconnected by Server" 2nd August

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  1. Getting the usual - timeouts, then "Disconnected by Server", then that "Join free for instant access".
  2. Now "Sorry, you can only be connected to one EMC server at a time"
  3. hmm. you might have to get kicked as i see only 1-3 players per server so they might have restarted the server's just restart your client that usually works if not then just wait to be kicked or the problem to be fixed
  4. in fact you might have to get kicked since im the only person on smp 9 :( it's rather lonely here
  5. I'll donate some commas to you, for free :)
  6. ya my bad kinda juggling multiple tasks right now so no time for punctuation
  7. Yeah close your client and re open. It works then!
  8. The database has just crashed/gone down. Please be patient and hopefully it will start working again soon. All we can do now is wait and remember DO NOT UPDATE your client if you wish to keep playing EMC.

    Source: I was on SMP1 when the rupees sytem stopped working which generally means the database is down, and then we crashed.
  9. And as for the message saying you can only be connected to one at a time, we will have to wait for the database to get back up and running and a moderator will be able to kick you. This happens often when the servers crash as it does not register properly.
  10. well other members including myself can log on just fine right now and the rupee system seems to be working for me
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  11. I think it doesn't always affect all the servers. Sometimes I can't get on but I can see others logged on. I am just passing on the knowledge I know to help where I can.
  12. i know i was just letting you know :D