Disc trade

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  1. I want the Disc 11(cracked black disc). I'm willing to give any of the following discs for it:

    PS colors are based on the look of the actual disc.

    If you have Disc 11, and you don't want to trade for anything listed above, make me an offer and I'll consider it! Thanks!
  2. If you really want "11" Then go to the /shop and buy it, because that's the only way to get it in SMP.
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  3. I didn't know that was the only way. Thanks!
  4. 11? XD such a creepy disc lol, if i didnt already have all the discs i would totally trade it to ya.
  5. how many of it do you have? I can offer things other than discs.
  6. only the one lol, i wish i had two XD i would totally just give you the 2nd for free.
  7. I've heard that you can get them like all the others(make a skele kill a creeper) but i've also heard that you can only get them in dungeons. how'd you get yours?
  8. it was given to me as a gift by someone else.
  9. i looked at the wiki before. it doesn't say how to get 11
  10. only way to get 11 right now is creative mode, or for us, the /shop for 500r, you could always save up daily login and the two vote things for 3 days and buy it
  11. I have a TON of disc. Cerect me if im wrong :)
  12. I know what ur thinking blu....
  13. Yes, yes you do.