disc 11

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by gremlindan, Nov 19, 2012.

  1. hi, quick question when did disc 11 become a creeper disc?

    i was just using a record maker and a creeper dropped disc 11 i always thought that you could only get from /shop?
  2. In Minecraft 1.4.4. ;)
    They also added the disc "Wait" :D
  3. yeah iv got 2 waits already jsut not sure on price for it.
  4. I will buy an 11 and wait from you.
  5. whats your price?
  6. I will pay 350r each.
  7. ok then sounds alright. wont be back to a town yet. ill let you know when im in town
  8. Just set an access chest on your res and I will pay you when I get on.
  9. ok then cool.
  10. It is a new disc.
    You have been paid.
  11. will u sell me a "wait" music disc? :)
  12. thanks for business. discs collected.
  13. im heading back out now to get more discs ill start a separate thread shortly once i got a few advertising in selling one as this not place to sell