Disappering Pistons, can't break

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  1. Today I was making a maintainance walk of one of my machines and I found one part that was not working. Upon inspection a whole row of pistons appeared to be missing, but on close inspection they are not missing, but are invisible. Rain does collide with them, and I can't place blocks where the "pistons" are, but I can walk right thru them, and place blocks on all 6 sides of the "piston".

    I tried closing the game and opening it again, but no change.

    I try connecting with client 1.7.10, (before I was using 1.8.1) and with the old client I can see the bound box of the pistons, but I'm still unable to break them.

    I don't mind loosing the pistons, but I do want my machine to work, so any help in dealing with this "pistons" would be greatly appreciated.

    2014-12-13_18.55.11.png 2014-12-13_19.09.14.png
  2. I've had that very thing happen to me before on other servers. I don't know anything that you can do. Try to contact an Admin or Senior Staff to come and break it for you :)
  3. This has been a recurring bug on EMC for a while now. I think it's usually the result of some sort of combination of lag and MC updates.

    I'd send Just5 and Aikar a PM
  4. Thanks, I will do that.
  5. Same think happened to me several week ago.
    I am not sure when they actually glitched.
    The Pistons never came back, and I could not replace them because of the ghost block (only edges visible).
    I somehow used dirt to replace the glitched pistons to get rid of the phantom piston, then I replaced with new pistons to fix it.
    By that I mean I kept trying to place dirt where the piston was, and eventually got it to work (i think it was direction dependent, and had to try to place dirt Twice in each direction, before i figured out which direction and still I had to place the dirt Twice as the first dirt place failed and the second dirt place succeeded).

    So, there is a way to remove the glitched pistons with dirt.

    This glitch stinks, but it is a lot less common than in the 1.3 days.