Disappearing mooshrooms?!

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  1. OK, I am confuzzled now.
    I had three mooshrooms in a completely enclosed cage - double high fences and a dirt block roof. I came on this morning to find that they were GONE. Does anyone have any idea what might have happened?
  2. They probably died as they are glitchy against walls and fences.
  3. I found no raw beef or mushrooms in the area.
  4. There goes 700 rupees.
  5. Also, just be advised that larger fences are better. Use a dirt floor and a high wall with a fence roof.. Check out smp3 6002 for an example. :)
  6. OK, well, I had a dirt floor with double-high fence walls and a dirt roof. Apparently that doesn't work. :p
  7. It is always suggested to 'bury' your animal pens. If the walls of your pen are only 1 block thick, they are of a higher chances for the animals to glitch through. Double or triple block walls help to prevent this, but if you have your animals in a pit in the ground they have a higher chance of survival.
    It is also always best to breed quite a few animals of each type. If you keep a minimum of 4 or 5, you should always have breeding stock, even if some disappear. The reason you may not have got any drops from the animals that died is because they would have despawned after a few minutes, or the animals escaped and ran away. :)
  8. OK, thanks. That helps alot, guys.
  9. Oh and one more thing: I don't have the rupees to buy 3 or 4 animals at a time, so that is why I only bought 2 mooshrooms and mistakenly ran myself out of money. Should I just try to save it up?
  10. i have had a single mooshroom in a fence pen topped with cobble for like 3 months, im almost never at my res, and it still hasnt run away yet XD

    edit: only buy two of an animal, you can use wheat to breed everything but a wolf right now as far as im aware
  11. You can't breed squids either. ;)
  12. yeah. but why would you need to? squids appear on their own in town if you have some kind of water set up
  13. Precisely. Just letting people know.
  14. to make money, find stuff that is of high demand and sell it to shops.

    Leowaste shop on SMP2 is a great place to make money. you can make 3000 r easily.

    even if you dont play on smp2, you could type /purchase vault in town, move items to that box, then do it again on SMP2 and get them out.

    then sell the items. money is shared between servers.

    Some items that are valuable and high demand:

    Glass (from sand)
    Wood Logs (ALL types, high demand)
    Bone / Bone Meal

    Just go collect this stuff (Coal is a GREAT way to make money) and sell to shops.

    You'll be able to buy new animals in no time.

    the benefit of this is your not waiting for someone to buy the stuff from you.

    simply collect, right click other peoples signs to sell instead of buy, and bam, instant money.

    Just, very few people have mass "Sell" shops. Cause it takes money from them, so only rich people can really do it with well established trade markets.

    Leowaste (3664 on SMP2) is my favorite.
  15. Well, I do everything in town, own a shop, and haven't gone to the wild in weeks, so that isn't really helpful to me.
    And by the way, I got two new mooshrooms delivered and now I have four, enclosed in a 4-block-deep pit with fences around the top. If that doesn't work, then I'll be mad.
  16. Why isnt it helpful?

    Leave town, collect resources, come back, sell. It's not like you CANT do it.
  17. Well of course I can do it, I'm just not used to, and make plenty of money off of what I do, now that my bigger shop is up and running. But that is a good idea: charge through a taiga with a shovel and collect tons of snowballs, then sell them. That might actually work.
  18. no, not really..

    snowballs aren't high demand.

    You want to farm stuff that has high demand (so that the buyer has room in the chest to buy it from you).

    Run through a mine, collect coal iron and cobble, convert cobble to stone, sell all 3. you will make alot of money FAST without waiting for anyone to buy it.

    If your having trouble buying a simple animal, then your scale on "making plenty off what i do" is WAYY off

    you should be able to make 3000 rupees in 1 evening easy, without selling a single item in your shop
  19. I made this post WAAAY before I had my shop fully opened and running. Now that I have it, I make over 600 rupees a day off of my shop.