Disappearing Item Bug

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  1. Here is how this went down:

    1) Crafted helmet and enchanted it
    2) Took off the existing helmet I had
    3) Put new enchanted helmet on
    4) Put the old helmet in a chest
    5) Looked and my new helmet had disappeared

    I looked everywhere for it, in my inventory and in the chest, etc

    I ended up getting it back because I went and took the old helmet and put it on and when I did that the new helmet that had disappeared reappeared in my inventory.

    Very strange.
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  2. sheesh, another bug right after that. I had a pair of leggings in my inventory and I went to throw them to another player and once I did they appeared to be a piece of stone. However, once they were in the other players inventory they were leggings.
  3. Yeah, enchanted items are buggy no matter what version you use, but do you happen to be using 1.8?
  4. no i'm still using 1.7.9
  5. I fell in a big hole once and died, went back and retrieved everything but my super pickaxe. I checked for caves underneath, none. It disappeared and never got it back.
  6. I had the block/item-to-stone bug awhile ago... Look:
    2014-01-31_07.36.24.png 2014-01-31_07.36.35.png
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  7. Oh the lovely things we discover playing minecraft. Such weirdness lol
  8. Just lost my enchanted diamond pickaxe ;-;
  9. try replacing something in your inventory where the old item was and that may force it back
  10. Please try to find out exactly what actions you are doing that causes the desync.

    I just recently removed some code that ensured inventories were always in sync because it was done in a very broad way that causes tons of bandwidth to be wasted (spamming your inventories to you for every click...)

    We need to identify specific actions to trigger inventory refreshes.
  11. It sounds like a lag issue, but I'm no bug expert.

    From time to time I get lag and when I break blocks it changes to stone. And sometimes when I drop an item it doesn't show up when it's thrown or it changes to stone. But from my experience, it's not a bug, just lag.
  12. Faithful 32x32