Disabling "buy" messages

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  1. I know it is possible to turn chat off, but I still get the messages when people buy things.

    Of course, I'm very happy people are buying! But it always seems to happen at the most inopportune moments; e.g. I'm running away from half a dozen creepers, or pillaring over lava and dodging Ghasts, when my screen fills up with "So-and-so has bought 1 chicken egg from you, for 9 rupee" - repeated 20 times - and I can't see a thing!
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  2. *bump*ing once, to check if people missed this...
  3. I think all of us had this once or more times. Good thing to atleast consider.
  4. When that happends do F1 :p You can't see your inventory aswell but atleast all the text is gone :p
  5. hmm maybe you could pm justin or jeremy
  6. Install the mod "Improved Chat" and then use the help commands to see how to ignore a string of text.

    You could also use Improved Chat to get tabbed chat. One for normal chat, and one for Shops.
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  7. I can't find it - I found some old version, but I don't know if that'd work; can you give me any pointers?
  8. Its just like installing any other mod.

    Open up the zip and copy all the .class files into the minecraft.jar in .minecrafts/bin