Disable chat for some peace and quiet

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  1. Ever get tired of people and just want to take a break and play in peace? You can now disable chat by simply typing /ch off . This is another Empire Minecraft exclusive, you won't find this on other servers!

    • Type /ch off - to disable chat
    • You will not see chat messages from anyone at all.
    • You will not see join/leave messages at all :)
    • If a user tries to whisper to you (with /tell) they will be notified that you have chat turned off and are not taking messages.
    • Type /ch on - to enable chat again, and the system will restore whatever your channel configurations were.

    And yes I am still working on the ability to create your own channels to have "parties" with friends :)
  2. Can we get an option to disable just the join/leave messages, would help a lot when you have people blocked.
  3. This will be perfect for when I'm working on my res and don't want to be bothered!

    Now you should add a way to temporarily keep everyone off your res, so you can build w/o people coming onto your res and bothering you.
  4. Hm, Justin would have to confirm this (or someone test) but, could you do:

    /res set move false (to set the move to false for the res)


    /res pset YOURusername move true (to tell the res only you are allowed?)
  5. You can keep everyone off your res!
    You can do /res set move false to keep everyone off
    and then /res set move true when you are done :)

    Edit: Damm you Jeremy lol
  6. We already have that.

    /res set move false - this will stop people moving on your res (use it when you're standing on your res

    /res set move true - this will allow walking again

    Edit: Damn it Jer
  7. lol.

    So, I'm guessing, you don't need to do my second part, right? The res just KNOWS you should have move permission, right.
  8. Right.
  9. Edit: Damn you guys. :(

    (Sorry felt left out with the Edits)
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  10. Man, building in sweet harmony: A dream come true!

    Thank you, admins. :)
  11. Fine, you're not welcome, Jerk.
  12. I was thanking the admins for the features we have here that allow us to build in harmony.

    But now,
    I thank all three of you, autonomus, Justin, and Jeremy, for telling me how to keep others off my res while I'm building :)

    (I'm sorry if I offended you because of this misunderstanding, autonomus)
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  13. lol a great way to just build and dont be bothered for justin and jremy and the moderatros and srry for if i mispelled someone lol!
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  14. Cool no more leaving and joining messages!