Dirt removal on any server

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  1. Wanting to add a basement to your house? Maybe a fishing pond but you don't want to dig out all of the dirt? WELL LOOK NO FURTHER! I am willing to dig out any amount of dirt! I am based in SMP3 but I will work anywhere. If its not on my sever, please have a shovel ready for me.

    My prices are:
    Small(10 down, 10 side ways) 10 rupees
    Large (Anything higher then above) 20 rupees.

    I am doing this since my dye shop is not that busy right now.

    P.S Please also visit my dye shop!
  2. So, you want to hire me?
  3. if you want i have a 120x120 plot need all the dirt gone X_X
  4. But I cant get into into that type of world and that would cost A LOT more then 20.
  5. All players have the ability to visit utopia, even iron supporters and regular players, and if given permissions they can also work on players lots there. It is only diamond and gold supporters who can currently visit wilderness and nether there though. These restrictions may change soon of course with the proposed changes being discussed. :)
  6. I wanna hire u too. When are u online.
    What's the cost of 60x60x11 (Im making semi-auto underground wheat farm.)
    39600 block of dirt need to be dig out.
  7. mys 60 blocks deep X_X
  8. Ok I will come. Have a shovel ready.
  9. ill pay for the shovels and put them in a chest for u also ill pay you 2k rupees
  10. Hey starcraft1535, i do believe i volunteered to help you remove some dirt quite a few weeks ago, even b4 i became a moderator. Unfortunately i am kept quite busy now and may not get a chance to help sorry. From what i worked out you will need 600 diamond shovels to complete this, this may be reduced if shovels have unbreaking enchantment.
  11. It says yours is in SMP1 but that one HAS no dirt.
  12. its kool dude that ur busy. i got busy my self with TOR guild. my job and im on vacation :p
  13. My is 60x60 lot 11 deep. when are u online?
  14. I got a friend on smp1 thats need dirt diggin
  15. what do u say about digging a 60x60x79.(my hole res)
    im at 941
    let me know if ur up to it..
  16. I Need alot of dirt to be removed. i have alot done, but theres still alot more. i pay 50R Per double chest of dirt you fill and i supply the shovels. let me know if you'd be interested.
  17. I need around a 40 by 50 by 1 section dug out from my second res on smp1(#1181) I will pay you 100r and supply shovels. Please get back to me as soon as you can!