Dirt Promo

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  1. What a great promo. Two fantastic choices there... I hope I picked the right one!

  2. Lol, so... Where you suprised? Or did you expect this to happen?

    I think you got scammed by the EMC code
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  3. I think you claimed the right one. :)
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  4. You nailed it again, Penguin, you really did.
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  5. I expected it to happen. I knew it would, too, after I saw the messages in red when clicking on the item.
  6. Wow. I wish I got a stack of dirt. All I got was that pie. :(
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  7. *Sighs* Nice one Penguin :rolleyes:
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  8. LOL! Lets celebrate national dirt day!

  9. Pi day is not national...
  10. Throwback to when "Not Special Dirt" actually was a promo
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  11. Or shall I say, Pi day is not -rational-. *laughter*
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  12. 1416628012765.gif
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  13. *Slowly claps*
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  14. *mind blown* *slowly claps* *sighs*
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  15. As Justin said once
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