Dirt Diggers needed on Smp4 #9000

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  1. As stated in the title, 9000 have to be cleared of dirt.

    Few things before you are going to get to enthousiastic:
    - The first 2 layers must stay in tact. (that's layer 65 and 64)
    - the last layer (just above bedrock) can stay in tact aswell.

    So what's my payment?
    Pascal1881 and I will set up shops which you can sell dirt at. You'll get 8r per stack of dirt, no more, no less. Pascal and I will provide you with shovels. If anyone will abuse these shops, he will get banned of the res.

    When can I start digging?
    Right now, as I am posting this, you can come to do the job.

    Why did you reset 9000 yesterday?
    Pascal1881 and I decided that we are going to expand the shop, in a really, expanding way.
    A huge mall will be build, with different floors, teleports, and also a parcour, maze and A totally new game!

    But I loved the old 9000, please bring it back!
    Unfortunately that's not an option. Pascal1881 and I had a hard time by resetting it, but hopefully we can make everyone more enthousiastic for the new shop.

    -Digging out all dirt, before may 20th
    -Making the basics of the structure, before may 20th
    -Lighting, setting up shops and teleports, before may 27th
    -Opening party, stocking all shops, before the 1st of june

    Example of the front (build in creative)

    Thanks to everyone in advance ~pascal1881 and bloodra1n
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  2. this is my res xD
  3. Dang, blood! Getting ambitious, I see! I love it, and I can't wait for it to get done :)
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  4. I hope we have it done in time :)