[Digging] Rhino's digging service

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  1. Hey guys I will be digging out your res!
    Here are the prices!

    Per layer: 750r (for the amount of time it takes it's how much I charge I might lower if you get a ton of layers though. For every 20 layers you get one layer free!
    I provide shovels, if you want to provide shovels we can discuss a price
    If you want your whole residence cleared I we may discuss a price

    Respond with a post here using this format
    Residence address:
    How many layers you want dug:
    Will you provide shovels? If so what kind:
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  2. Just a tip, the price you have here is equivalent to Sr. Staff price. (60 layers = 60k at both places)

    I suggest maybe giving a certain amount off if you buy a whole res clearance?

    Also, I'm pretty sure that by:
    you actually meant that we supply shovels and you will supply for a fee. Might want to fix that :p
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  3. By this i mean that if you provide shovels I will do a lower price.
  4. Same price as staff, but staff does it faster...
  5. I changed my price...
  6. I thought the price was fine, I was just talking about a better price IF they buy a full res clearance, okay though :p