Digging job on smp1

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  1. Hi guys I am digging levels of my residence out and I need a few workers as this is too big of a job to do alone.

    I pay 15r a stack of dirt you dig: I make acess chests and u put dirt in

    Area to dig: 60x60 3 high: 2 levels

    I supply shovels and I will give you more when you run out of them

    It is on my residence on smp1 2027 obviously I have a teleport set up.. when you visit my res

    To become a worker I need to know if you are trustworthy and will actually work.. I dont care how long this takes as I will be helping also

    I want sign updates or some sort of message to me informing me on certain things.. or just info you want me to know

    I am hoping to get a few workers and start working saturday.. Any help is appreciated and you will get something in return :)
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  2. Sure I'll do it, I wouldn't mind getting my hands dirty, lol. I don't know how you are going to tell if anyone is trust worthy, I'll in order to prove my honesty will give you a diamond enchanted pickaxe to hold as collateral. But I would like it back when the job is finished.
  3. I am interested and would love to earn a little extra rupees.
  4. oh guys this job is finished sorry! Thanks for offering though! it was finished by glasi13 who did it all in 1 day :O