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  1. hey guys i am new diamond user and i am claiming reses and i am makin a pool like big pool entire res i know that it has been done before but only nch_apocalypse 2 has a hole that big that i know of and im fillin mine with water NOT CHICKENS! and i would like to inform you i will be paying jobs and supplieing the shovels [diamond] so i thought that anyone looking for a job wuould like this
  2. how much is pay and do you need it done now becaus if so count me out
  3. not right now i havent chosen a price it will be 5x5 sqare
  4. Are you kidding me? I got paid 500 rupees for 3 layers back when I was just starting in the empire and needed some rupees to get my business started. No need to get paid that much for simply digging some dirt out. :p
  5. that sucks for you its becuase nobody wants to dig at all
  6. 5x5 hole to bedrock per person. 150r and i will supply an enchanted diamond shovel (eff one/unb 1). This is my price.
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  7. Also true…
  8. If we can keep the shovels, I'm all in with this.
  9. you can keep the rest of the shovel after digging, yes.
  10. Look at firebox360's signature
    "if you want something done, do it yourself"
    I would never pay someone 1k per layer they dig of dirt on my residence. That's just silly. If creepervsbunny doesn't find anyone who will do the job for a reasonable amount of rupees i'm sure he will either end up doing it himself by hand and shovel, or, he can use tnt.
  11. he didnt descrube the job now under the cicumstance i would do it
  12. I can do it tomorrow… what's ur res # ?
  13. Now this is how you get someone to work for you at a decent price and doing the job right! Giving people enchanted shovels was a genius idea! Keep up the good work!

  14. i will do this on friday for sureeee
  15. My residences are on SMP9.
  16. what one so when i get on on friday i can start digging
  17. I can do Tursday