Diggers - I will pay for diggin at my res!

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  1. Simple, when im online contact me in-game, just dig all the dirt you can with the shovels i will provide (stone shovels) i will pay 2r per stack.

    Contact me in-game, my res is 6065.

    You will also be part of the hall of the fame at my hotel :D
  2. I WILL DO IT!
  3. I almost **** my pants. Please don't bump old threads.
  4. This thread is a few months shy of being 2 years old, and the OP was banned over a year ago.
  5. Are you telling me to not censor the word?-_-
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  6. Four stars can be more than one word.
  7. Lets play process of elimination.
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  8. Get your mind out of the gutter.
    ;3 Anyways, no point in continuing an argument that will be addressed :p
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  9. Once upon a time,
    A player coughed in a field known as "Yee Olde Thread",
    A result that caughed jk's reaction,
    To be unpleasant at best.

    This thread was then locked,
    By a hamster name Jack,
    Who was a bit startled,
    Thinking Copher was back.

    So the moral of the story,
    at the end of the day:
    Don't bump old threads,
    to keep Copher away.

    Tl;dr: please don't bump old threads.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.