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  1. So I want to hire some people a max of 10 people to dig out my res, I'll be paying 30k for the Job Total, the 30k will be divided between who ever I hire (Max 10 people). the Digging will be all the way to bedrock.
  2. I read it, I saw 30k, and I thought you meant 30k per person, then I was disappointed.
    When does this need to be done by?
  3. You know that you can pay 60k for it to WE out.
  4. What is "WE out"?

    For whenever they finish it.
  5. World Edit. Just ask a mod to do it for you.
  6. That is Really Allowed?
  7. No. It is not.
  8. search up Qwertip's service. He will do it n 7 hrs r 50k
  9. It is actually, at a cost of 60k for a regular lot, and 120k for a utopian lot.
    You can get the ball rolling by starting a convo with senior staff/admin. :)
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  10. Thank you for the response Shaun ^_^
  11. Shouldnt it be 240k for a utopia lot since the volume is 4x as large?
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  12. SHHHHHHH! :p
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  13. Hey, we need rupee sinks! Makes things worth more!:D
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  14. No we don't.
  15. We ocould charge more in the interest of keeping prices in proportion, but 120k is a reasonable step-up from the regular lot cost. :)
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  16. Ok, it was just bothering my math obsessed self:p
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  17. ok i intersted when i start plz mssage me when u on or ready
    and oh it 5,000 each person
  18. Will you supply the shovels?