Differences in Maxarian Heads?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by WayneKramer, Aug 21, 2015.

  1. So I've noticed that there are different looks to the Maxarian Head promo. Does anyone know why?


    Others I've seen, plus this is what it looks like on the wiki:
  2. i dont know but i want it :p ill give you two maxarian heads for it ;)
  3. I will buy your maxarian head for 55K :p
  4. There's nothing in the wiki about it. Maybe you should pm sr staff and see if they know anything about it.
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  5. It's Max's old skin.
    Not a clue on why it won't have updated though.
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  6. Don't...it is a cool promo to earn MOAR money on...
  7. I didn't say I was going to lol..
    But, for the record, if anything caused this head to update, for example updating versions, staff wouldn't be in any position to replace it.
  8. Still, I want this head for 55K :p
  9. It's Max's old skin, as RainbowChin had said. Otherwise, no idea why it hasn't updated.
  10. I had an idea that it could have updated, but I don't see why the other ones haven't... Which head version should it be? The one with blonde hair or the one with red in too?

    Just a note: If some have updated, it's possible that the ones that haven't could update too, so I wouldn't go out massively overpaying for things unless you know what has really happened and are comfortable with buying it.
  11. The head as it is on the Wiki is her current skin, and how it should look
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  12. Mine all show up as the current skin... Not sure why some are the old one :confused:
  13. I haven't done anything strange with mine. I've moved it around into different spots, it's spent some time in various item frames. It hasn't updated at all since I got it.