Died with an inventory of enchanted items.

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by AlexC__, Aug 8, 2012.

  1. Rage :/ I hate lava + nether.
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  2. Tip: I only go in the nether with 3 stone swords and 3 stacks of dirt. If I lose everything I don't mind because all I lose is 6 cobble, 3 sticks, 3 stacks of dirt and any glowstone I mined.
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  3. I was shifting the enchanted stuff from my grinder/base to town. :/
  4. Enderchest to the rescue?
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  5. Watcha mean?
  6. lol
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  7. Emc is 1.3 so if you place a ender chest in your plot in town and one in your nether base you don't have to worry about this happening again.

    P.s The ender chests contents are different for each person so if you put in a enchanted diamond pickaxe only you will see that diamond pickaxe

    (Round up: don't worry about people stealing your stuff)
  8. Ahah yeah, thanks :)
    Yep :/
  9. Haha alex- I mean im so sorry...
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  10. Hint for the future - Grind on SMP# and then enchant on SMP2 - Saves you having to lug the stuff back
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  11. I get my exp up on one server, and since exp doesnt reset back to 0 when u move servers (get to lvl 40 on smp9, you will still be lvl 40 on smp1) I just simply enchant in town. Then log back into my grinding server.
    This way i never have to leave the grinder and i never have to venture back in town
  12. Oh that sucks Alex. I will donate 500r to hopefully gain a 3rd of one of your enchants lol
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  13. i will donate 1r once i get on I am broke anyway :p
  14. Want to buy 34 silk touch, unbreaking 3 diamond picks?:D Lol but seriously, i would leave and enderchest in town. Then bring one with, to where ever you are. Once your inventory is full, bury the chest, fill it up, and "accidentally" die:)