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  1. So I was toying around with permissions while on SMP4 and I learned something I didn't know prior.

    I was in the wild and I wanted to give Scarligmione build perms so he could remove a block of random dirt. I was too lazy to walk back so I just tried something out of the ordinary:

    /res pset 8001 scarligmione build t

    And it worked.

    It worked while I was in the wild :)
    So now you know how to do this. It is amazing.
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  2. justin said something about this in the last update.....
  3. If you wouldn't mind quoting such a post... I don't see anything related to it.
  4. I said this a while back, I will find it for you :)
  5. You updated that post..
    It did not say such things when I first read it! :mad:
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  6. Bahaha, just messing with you :p
  7. But it did say you could use that command anywhere :D
  8. Either way, good info cause I didnt know!