Did i got banned from smp3?

Discussion in 'General Minecraft Discussion' started by Underhatches, Dec 2, 2012.

  1. Hey people,
    Did i got banned from smp3?
    'cause when I try to log on it, it gives me a message like a link..i didn't try to go to that link that appears, i just wanna know if i got banned, and if yes, why did i got banned...
    that's all!

  2. Minecraft multiplayer sessions are down. Nobody who wasn't already on the servers can join. All we can do is wait it out. As for you being banned I would think that it would say that you are banned if you tried to log in.
  3. -_- Minecraft multiplayer sessions are down. If you were banned you would get a message like this:
    [Name Here] has been banned by [Mod Here]
    Reason: [Reason Here]
  4. You've not been banned. :) Try closing your Minecraft then opening it again, this generally fixes problems like this.

    EDIT: Oh, multiplayer sessions are apparently down... but I still got on :confused:
    (and Ninja'd - quite literally)
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  5. If you were banned from Smp3, then you would be banned from every EMC server too.
  6. The issue has been fixed. You now have the ability to login to multiplayer server sessions again.