Did i do the right thing?

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  1. So i was walking along in wild and i see the remains of a house, a couple fence, a door, and some windows. So i felt the need to repair it for the person, so i rebuilt their house around the doors and the windows, and left a sign stating i saw it griefed and repaired it. Should i have left it alone? :S
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  2. ...........
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  3. Should have left it alone. If sonmeone had broken a chest, he will blame you.
  4. i would leave it alone, but morally, good job. that was a good thing but they might not believe you.
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  5. What if they wanted it that way?
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  6. I think you did the right thing. If someone greifs my creation, it would be very helpful if someone kindly rebuilt it.
  7. I think you did a good thing and tried to do it right. More people should be like that.

    I think if it looked griefed and not just "unfinished" you did the right thing. Sometimes you can tell it was not just left to be completed later but burned or griefed. Also you left a sign and the person is free to take down your stuff and use the material. So I think it is OK the way you did it. If you can find out who made it also try to PM him / her.
    Nice to see people trying to look out for each other and we should encourage that if they follow the same procedure (leaving sign, only repair and not make a whole own thing etc).
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  8. If you had seen it, trust me, you wouldnt think they wanted it that way.
  9. You did the right thing. Personally id want someone to fix it for me, instead of me having to re-mine all the stuff if i didnt have it on me at the moment.
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  10. Well, if they dont want it that way, or if it was meant to be that way, they can contact me. Also
    If i were to break a chest, Why would i leave a sign with my name on it?
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  11. Yes, but I would've just lived in it myself. I like expanding upon small structures I find in the wild and turning them into an outpost for resource gathering.
  12. During my adventures in the wild, I always like to check out structures I see. Although I don't always find what I am looking for, a locked chest with the creators name on it.
  13. I think its a nice gesture. Theres probably a few situations where it wouldn't be okay. But, it sounds like you used good judgement.
  14. Um, you cant just go into someones structure and repair it and call it your own..
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  15. As long as the punctuation is OK :)

    Consider the two sentences,

    "i saw it griefed, and repaired it"

    "i saw it, griefed, and repaired it"
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  16. Its the first one, :p Ill rephrase. I saw the remains of the house, it was obviously griefed, so i repaired it.
  17. I think you did the right thing. Thank you
  18. you did the right thing in my eyes and i would repay you if you did it for me
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