did emc revert back to easy mode?

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  1. ive noticed a few things that says yes on smp6

    1: hunger bar for me is stopping at half hearts, not half a heart half my total.
    2: enraged simply arent spawning for me at all but
    3: flaming mobs that arent fire resistant are spawning (like hounds on fire in nether that burn out)
    4: i havent heard of a boss spawning since the update

    and ive been looking for enraged because i want to see if my mule outpaces them cant find one that will follow me
  2. I fought a Marlix just yesterday.
  3. And I did a momentus about a week ago.
  4. op says since the update
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  5. We haven't got bosses or enraged mobs near our outpost in weeks.
  6. smp3 momentus
  7. On smp3
  8. Saturday night joe and I beat a momentus....with are fist took forever.
  9. well im not starving right now on smp6 come look
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  10. I will try and starve myself - see what happens :p
  11. I was exploring a stronghold with Lehmaqr and Pig yesterday, had at least two enraged creepers drop in for a visit. Enraged mobs are definitely still around.
  12. Yesterday there was a momentus at the north east outpost on smp1.
  13. Definitely went down to half a heart for me.
  14. maybe its just me or just smp6 then, also i just spawned a momentus lol
  15. Chicken are you in the wild or waste? If you're in the wild Bitemenow is in the waste so that may be the issue?
  16. Will ask Aikar if the difficulty was set for the wastelands when it was generated
  17. me and dajakoe were fighting momentus on smp6 waste and we both saw that enraged were getting burnt with their own fire and were not super fast we were able to outshoot their speed
  18. I saw an enraged creeper and skeleton in the smp8 wastelands, though their spawning was about 4 hours apart.
    They moved fast, but I do think the skeleton burnt out. [I ran across the biome when I saw the creeper, who knows what happened to it]
  19. I just reran the commands to change difficulty on all servers/non town worlds. Should be for sure set correctly.