Did Aikar Do This?

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  1. So I was walking round in protected spawn in the wild when I came across this?
    Wait It wont let me upload Picture
  2. I couldn't figure out how to upload a snapshot on a windows 8 pc so ill just describe it
  3. It was a sandstone pillar with a ladder on it and on top was a little sandstone platform with nowthing on it...
  4. I don't think so.
  5. He mainly works on destroying the economy, and coding our plugins a a hobby
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  6. I know deserts have sandstone wells. That may have been what you saw. before you upload a picture you should move the screen shot from your appdata folder and into you picture folder. To do this type %appdata% into file explorer, click. Minecraft, click sceenshots (I think that is what it is called), and move the screen shot into your pictures folder.
  7. ...Hold any key + F2...upload to imgur...copy BBCode...
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  8. NO, This was the cow :O
    Wait was there any TNT?
  9. This isn't the beginning I'm sure.
  10. It was IcC. He was putting us on Pigs and launching us with like Knockback 100 Swords.
  11. Wut
  12. Yes, Jeremy made the pillar so we could receive the 'when pigs fly' achievement by him hitting pigs with his custom knockback sword and us ride the pigs.
  13. Oh lol