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  1. Selling 20 diamonds! Minimum Bid: 1k rupees
  2. Let the corrections start...... Now.
  3. Alright seeing as your eager for corrections... 2x5=10, 20x50=1000. The basic diamond price is 50r although almost nobody actually sells for this price anymore... The average price for a diamond is let's say 40r even though it's on the expensive aids of things. Let's say this guys purchesed 20 diamond for 40r each; 20x40=800 therefor this would have cost this guy 800r. Considering how easy it is to purchase a diamond for less than 40r this auction is a complete rip off. An acceptable price to start this auction at would be around 500r with minimum increases if about 25r this way you will not gain profit instantly making the auction more fair and not just a dirty way to make cash fast!
    If you agree with me like me if not reply telling me why...
  4. I'm guessing glitch?
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  5. This is in MARKETPLACE, not AUCTIONS.
  6. THen you dont do "bids"

    You do: "Selling 20 diamonds, i want 200rupees" etc.
  7. Exactly!
  8. I think so. I was on a phone.:oops:
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  9. 200r, my bid for this! :p
  10. Ahh yes that explains a lot! I hate it when something pops up just as your about to finish typing this really long, long message and when you go back to the page all you find is the remains of a creeper explosion... Wait what just happened here?!?
  11. NVM :p