Diamonds for SALE

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  1. I'm selling diamonds for 45R each

    If you are interested in buying more than 10pieces
    Post you res number and which server it is in down below.
    Also set up a chest for me so i can sell you.
    Be sure to set the price for 45R each diamond.

    I will come over to your res once i see your post. :)
  2. Nobody need diamonds? :p
  3. i need a couple maybe 10 to 20
  4. ill buy all of them.
  5. Set up a chest, ill come and sell to you tomorrow. I'm going to sleep now =)
  6. Set up a chest, put the amount of how many u need also don't forget to x45 with the amount of u need :D
  7. if you're still here, how many you got? Just so i know the total
  8. I have a stacks of block
  9. I buy for 43r at 4005 SMP2, if you wanna flog 'em all.
  10. Selling them for 45R aint a problem :D, but if you buy for 44 i might sell all at once. But don't forget i have alot.
  11. I shall change the buy sign to 44r. Sell 'em all. :)
  12. dude DONT advertise on others threads...
  13. He's looking to sell and I'm telling where to?
  14. Are these sold to alex or can i still get them for 45?
  15. Nope, i just came home :)

    Set up a chest for me and ill sell you
  16. Thats not advertising, im selling the diamonds and he wants to buy? How can that be advertising. He didnt say " I'm selling them for 44 at my res come to me " or anything like that :)
  17. I Have a chest which always buys. SMP6 - 12300
  18. Your shop have changed alot since last time i was there :)
  19. You are out of money :p
  20. definitely shouldn't have put that, gone from 30k to 246 "/
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