Diamonds, Diamonds and more Diamonds

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  1. Hello people im looking to start back up the supply of diamonds for my people and looking to buy a larg supply of diamonds

    Looking to buy at least a double chest of diamonds - These are not for re-sale before any one tries claiming that. I do this quite offten and people i buy from know i dont re-sell

    So if you have Diamonds to sell im buying at 50r !

    Start a pm with me to start the transaction!
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  2. So i should do the math so people can see what im willing to pay

    50x3456= 172800!
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  3. i dont think many people have a double chest of diamonds
  4. You willing to throw in a dc of leather?
  5. it doesn't have to be a dc at a time that just what i need total.
  6. ok just to clear things up, he wants to get a dc of diamond after all this correct?