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  1. hey guys i need your a opinion i may only be new to emc but i am either getting gold or diamond now the thing is i can either get diamond 6months or gold 12 months. i wanty a opinions from everyone including free members and which one theu would get
  2. If you take Diamond you get 1,300r a day and you can use TnT.
    As Gold you can get 600r a day and not use TnT.
    I would buy Diamond as i can use TnT. Im in such love with it. <3
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  3. It's 700r :)

    Diamond! :)
  4. kk it was just that gold is better value but... T N T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. We hope to add more in the near future to balance out Diamond :)
  6. There is another thing to take into account when choosing..

    what SMP are you on?

    I am always one of the only diamonds online on SMP1 - gives me a huge advantage when trying to get my message through in chat... (due to the color)

    Its something that people seem to underestimate - buts its actually VERY effective and one of the reasons why im still a diamonds supporter.
  7. You say you are diamond but your forum account says you are not ^^

    I would totally pick Diamond, its a better status! :D And its better for the community.
  8. "would buy" means he would but cant/wont/isnt allowed to.
  9. I think he means it like, I would pick diamond if I were you. Since he says hes in love with TNT
  10. I agree :)
    You shuld buy diamond
  11. Diamond is good,But Gold is cheaper,Thats why I have both.
    I(Thestar19) have Diamond...
    I(Secret account) have Gold...
  12. You say you can have diamond for 6 months or gold for 12 months. I'm assuming that you will have to be a normal (free) member for the six months afterwards if you choose Diamond.

    There are limited differences between the two choices:

    1. TNT for 6 months - Yay! Can use TNT! It is fun.

    2. Money - Here Gold for 12 months wins out, unless you log in *every* day you are a normal member for the 6 months after your Diamond membership runs out. If you do that, the money is the same.

    3. Residences - With Diamond, you get one more residence than Gold. However, after six months, you will have to pack 3 residences up and shrink down to 1. With Gold you only have to pack 2 residences into 1 and only after 12 months. I think Gold wins here too.

    4. Free Membership - Remember that you are not just compaing Gold for 12 months vs. Diamond for 6 months. It's Gold for 12 months versus Diamond for 6 months AND Free for 6 months. During the last six months, you will lose the following benefits (compared to Gold):

    • Reserved Slot
    • Hide from Live Map
    • Supporters Forum
    • Supporters Chat Channel
    • Customize Residence Messages
    • Utopia Server
    Consider the cost of losing all of this for 6 months versus the benefits of using TNT for 6 months...

    However, if there is a chance that you could continue Diamond after 6 months, or only downgrade to Gold (instead of free) after 6 months, then obviously starting with Dimaond would be better.

    Hope this helps!
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  13. Assuming the OP is accurate, it's $120 either way. The only way it's really better for the community is if at the end of the six months, the OP scrapes together another $120 for the next 6 months.

    In my view, all supporters are awesome (except the rare ones who grief) as are all members who can't currently afford to support for whatever reason.
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  14. Yeah i vote having a REALLY cheap one that gives a reserved slot
  15. The iron supporter level is basically designed for being the cheap option and holding a reserved slot. Any other perks associated with iron is more like a bonus gift. :)
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  16. yeah but like 3 dollars a month also try to make pound conversions so i canconvince my mum
  17. In my humble opinion, anyone who can't afford $5/month probably can't afford $3/month. Also, not trying to be too personal here, but if you're 22 (as your profile says) then why are you trying to convince your mum? When I was a 22 year old man, I had already been a 2nd Class Petty Officer in the United States Navy for 2 years (with 4 years of total service).
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  18. Im not Diamond supporter in EMC, but i can still love TnT, right? :p
  19. im acctually 13 my mate made my account and tried to get me banned by lying
  20. Nah I set up my friends accounts. (They are internet noobs XD)