Diamond token?

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  1. So a mob dropped an item called Diamond Token, what does it do?
  2. Ohh new drops to get our hands on... Guess I'll have to stick around for longer in the wild :)
  3. wow what :eek:
    screenshot plz :p
  4. You know if it was an enraged mob, or the blizz-ard ?
  5. Also I think it was a wither, I don't think it was an sort of special mob.
  6. lol not that special xD
  7. lol ok, maybe someone playing a prank on me :p
  8. probs ya xD
  9. Well at least I have a free diamond now :3
  10. *Insert dinkelberg meme here* Trooooooollsss.....
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  11. Yeah seems like a mob picked up someones renamed dropped item, as that is not an EMC special drop.