Diamond sword with 4 enchants

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  1. Can anybody tell me the value of an unused diamond sword with
    Knockback II-Fire Aspect II-Looting III- Sharpness IV

  2. This swprd is AWESOME, like a 10k
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  3. I'll give you 10k
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  4. I asked the same thing -- got price estimates from like 4k all the way up to 25k so I'm still not sure.
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  5. Yeah Marknaaijer, this sword is totally awesome. I have lousy luck enchanting picks but pretty good luck enchanting swords.
  6. Same here Alex, I'm getting offers from 6k-15k so far.
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  7. ill give you 30k :)
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  8. lol but in all seriousness sell it for about 15k
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  9. Merf, you guys are crazy. 50k? :p

    ( Joke OFFER )
  10. I know this is off topic but what is Sharpness IV Fire Aspect II worth? im trying to sell it
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  12. Well my sword with the 4 enchants sold for 20k. Thx for the feedback guys.
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  13. im gonna end up going broke (or feel like it i need 30k and fast...) *me thinking why am i posting to friends walls saying this :p*
  14. I won a sword like this for 30k
  15. lol asasin, I have 2 more swords with 4 enchants. One has Smite V Knockback II Looting III Fire Aspect II. The other has Bane of Orthopod V Knockback II Lootiing III Fire Aspect II. I'm debating whether to auction them, keep them or sell them.
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  16. I would auction both of them off at the same time.
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  17. some peaple would pay real money for those swards
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  18. ... HOW ON EARTH DO YOU GET THOSE ENCHANTS i always get things like smite II on a level 30 enchant
  19. lol asasin! I think it's random/luck. It seems like some some enchants are easier to get than others. Someone
    posted a chart showing the percentages associated with the enchants.
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